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Souls Of The Tower BETA - beta 0.2.0

Survival-horror quest game about recovering old tower. Flashlight and elevators are your only friends here.. Made for PyWeek28.

You are hired to recover the tower. Or not. There is serveral ways to go, but only one will lead you to next chapter Elevator will help you as main transport. Your flashlight is only your friend in darkness of rooms. Three or more your predecessors are dead. Can you survive? Keep your flashlight on. In development of full version of the game, follow it in my twitter @MihailRis, and game discord server:


New global update of that old demo won in PyWeek 28. More atmospheric, lot of new content, story (only I chapter finished right now).
2d 784 platformer 138 pyweek 71 survival 10 horror 7 dark 1


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Souls Of The Tower BETA 1.4 — 13 Oct, 2019

Souls Of The Tower BETA Beta 1.5 — 16 Oct, 2019

Souls Of The Tower BETA beta 0.2.0 — 15 Dec, 2020 account Comments

  • NotaSmartDev 2019-10-15 17:01

    Nice game! Keep up the good work.