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monobox - 0.3.0

Library that provides stuff for textbox-like gui gizmos

Jiri Justra
Hello; Textbox, Entry, Label, scrolling, per-character style and selection + simple geometry manager .. all here ;)


This library provides stuff for textbox-like gizmos; most commonly .. Textbox itself. But it can do Entry and Label as well. == == At a base there is general class Monobox, whitch implements what is needed for toolkit-independent monospace-font textbox functionality. You can use this to create textboxes in other toolkits. == == Next there are some useful demo widgets in pygame. See file for usage. currently there are : Textbox - multiline, y-scroll, word wrap Entry - one-liner, x-scroll, return key clears it Label - multiline, y-scroll, word wrap, doesn't receive input (see _active variable bellow) == == Code below shows how to use them and how to implement various related things. ctrl+f - fullscreen/window mode ctrl+c - [not implemented yet] ctrl+v - [not implemented yet]


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monobox 0.3.0 — 10 May, 2019

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