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Asteroids Battle - 1.1

an ultra fun space shooter.

Asteroids battle is a space shooter where you have to destroy all asteroids on screen, it add new features and new weapons to the original game. how to play? you can play it with keyboard or joystick. keyboard command: use arows to move,and the buttons: s : fire normal shots d : activate/deactivate the sheild f : fire missiles g : launch wave bombs l : shoot laser beam space: fire charge shots (keep it pressed to charge) f2 : toggle fullscreen f3 : save game f4 : load game p : pause the game


added laser beam and the ability to save and load game, also the full source code is available.


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Asteroids Battle 1.0 — 5 Oct, 2019

Asteroids Battle 1.1 — 5 Oct, 2019 account Comments