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Strong Jesse

Strong Jesse is a space shooter inspired by the classic arcade game asteroids.

Asteroids-like arcade game, with a twist.
A simple Asteroids game
An asteroids game, nothing more to say about it. Use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to select/shoot. You can navigate the menu with the mouse as well.
Nebula Wars

A 2d scrolling shooter. Beat enemies, travel through the universe, dodge asteroids... welcome to Nebula Wars!

Square Shooter

Square Shooter is an abstract shooter (duh!) very loosely based on the classic arcade game Asteroids. It’s quite addictive, so take care not to ruin your mouse!

Asteroids 2
This is my latest version of Asteroids 2. It has improved graphics, gameplay and includes a high score and better organization of source code.
Asteroids 2 v1.0
You choose one of 5 ships and survive as long as possible
moderately Multiplayer Online Space Shooter
SampleMan 3: Asteroids
something like a game
Save New York
Shoot the black-holes to save N.Y.
Save New York
Shoot the black holes to save New york.
STAR - Small-time Asteroids Revival
Yet another Asteroids clone.
Asteroids Infinity
Classic Asteroids with some differences.
Asteroids-like shooter with up to 4 players sharing one keyboard
Pythentic Asteroids
An Asteroids clone with authentic features.
A simple OpenGL Asteroids clone. Made with pyglet, rabbyt.
Space travel, space war, vector graphics.
Geometry Cometry
Geometry Cometry is a retro 2d asteroids style space shooter with a geometric twist.
A simple "Asteroids" clone.
Vectorpods 2
An Asteroids game made in pygame.
Asteroids 2: The Vector
A vector graphics version of asteroids...
A recreate of Asteroids.
Little Asteroids like shooter game. Shall become eventually a python tutorial for kids.
Astrocrash (Discontinued)
An arcade classic, a game of asteroids.



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