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Ball Sport - 0.3b

2D juggling game made in Python 3.6.3 with Pygame 1.9.4

Josh Klipstein
Inspired by Nintendo Game and Watch "Ball," this is my first game, Ball Sport. You are a black-and-white cartoon character tasked with juggling three balls until you drop one. The third ball comes after you score 100 points. For each time you catch a ball and toss it back up, you get ten points. How many points can you rack up until you drop a ball? The instructions and controls are printed on the screen before the game begins (press SPACE to play). You may reset the game after getting "Game Over" by pressing SPACE again. There is NO high score recording system yet, but one is in development. This is an alpha version of the game, and the final release will be developed soon. The final release may also include sound effects, better graphics and other features. If you would like to share your thoughts on what could be improved in the game, leave a comment, or email me at [email protected] Have fun!


This version of Ball Sport is the first beta release. NEW FEATURES: --2-player competitive mode to play with friends! --Sound-effects --Hi-Score system with hi-score log file All sound effects are attributed to I highly recommend this site for sound effects. As always, instructions are on the screen before you begin playing. Feedback appreciated!


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Ball Sport 0.1a — 14 Oct, 2018

Ball Sport 0.2a — 6 Nov, 2018

Ball Sport 0.3b — 28 Nov, 2018 account Comments