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Snake game inspired from but features a python instead of a Snake. Made in Python 3

Dungeon Of Droobaxe

An ancient dungeon where the most dangerous creatures were locked up by an ancient civilization. After thousands of years of laying dormant waves of dark magic started seeping up out of the depths of the Dungeon of Droobaxe. You were sent to the dungeon to find out the source of the dark magic and put an end to it. Will you survive the power of Droobaxe, or die trying?

Paper Football League

2.5D sports arcade game made in Python 3.6.3 with Pygame 1.9.4

Ball Sport

2D juggling game made in Python 3.6.3 with Pygame 1.9.4

Simon - 0.1.0

A clone of the Simon electronic game written in pygame.

Galtron - 2D Shooter

A simple 2D shooter with room for more development.


Interactive version of Conway's Game of Life.

Silent Knight Official Beta

The official Silent Knight Beta


Astro Duel made in Python 3

Space Force

My first game created with Pygame. Still a work in progress and will eventually add additional levels and variety of enemies.


Terra-Firma is an Arcade inspired platformer with puzzle and action elements.

Star Battles

A space shooter.

Hugehard Solitaire Collection v0.1

A collection of different card games.


Terra-Firma is an Arcade inspired platformer with puzzle and action elements. Currently considered an early concept.

Project Space

A simple simulation of planets orbiting celestial bodies.

Fox Hopper | V1.0 | FIRST RELEASE

Fox-Hopper is a single player game where the goal is to avoid hitting foxes in your mighty truck. Beware, if you hit a fox you will be punished and your score will be diminished. Good luck! Download the full game for sound effects. Play on without sounds. GitHub: Website:

DragSHIFT | A 1v1 Drag-Racing Experience!

The best PyGame drag racing experience. Race your hatchback to victory. Good luck driver!

Pygame Platformer

A traditional platformer game. Your goal is to make a high score by crossing as many platforms as you can without falling down.

Gun Dash

Explore handcrafted maps and fight monsters in a 2D bullet hell platformer!

$STONKS simulator

Invest in the stock market and earn money!


Minesweeper is a single-player puzzle computer game. The objective of the game is to clear a rectangular board containing hidden "mines" or bombs without detonating any of them, with help from clues about the number of neighboring mines in each field. The game originates from the 1960s, and has been written for many computing platforms in use today. It has many variations and offshoots.


Collect all the little planets while avoiding getting hit by asteroids.

Mediocre Tetris

Small tetris game, with all the functionalities of old tetris.

Maze Generator

Maze generator is a Python program generating random two-dimensional mazes and drawing them to a window. Mazes can be used as data or saved to an image file. There are some user controls like changing the maze block size (granularity) with UP & DOWN cursor keys.

Space Invaders

Space Invaders is a classic arcade game from 1978. This Python / Pygame version includes hordes of aliens, bosses, ufos, and power ups; the game gets tougher level by level.

Maze Solver

Maze Solver solves a 2D maze generated by Maze Generator (

RayCasting v.05 - the Map

RayCasting v0.5 implements ray casting up to a map (not the 3D) by using NumPy to avoid looping the rays one by one. The user can steer the "viewer" on a map using cursor keys and see how the rays (field of vision) is formed.


Dodge all the obstacles with your rocket!