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Shooting Game - 2.0

A simple shooting game with aliens that move in different patterns, missiles to kill them, and bombs to kill lots of them. I am currently continuing to develop this game, adding new features and learning more basic features of pygame and the python standard library. Hopefully my code can help other newbies learn the basics as well :) For my latest code, follow the home page link to the repo. For a specific release, follow the source link to the specific release.

Jonathan Pritchard
Use WASD to move the ship, space to fire missiles, and b to drop bombs. New in version 3.0: * Yellow alien type that crawls horizontally across the bottom quarter of the screen * Scrolling background of stars with a seamless loop behind the game and menus * Start menu with 'start game', 'high scores', and 'quit' options * SQLite database to store persistent high scores Things planned for future releases: * Sound effects for bombs and explosions * A boss fight of some sort :)


New in version 2.0 * Limited number of bombs and a power up drop to get more of them * A shield power up that allows the ship to take 1 hit before exploding * A new white alien type that moves straight but fast! * Levels that have waves of more and more aliens * An on screen display for current wave, score, aliens left in current wave, and bombs left. Things planned for future releases: * Title screen * Sound effects for bombs and explosions * Scrolling background with stars and planets * A boss fight of some sort :)


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Shooting Game 2.0 — 21 Jan, 2018

Shooting Game 1.0 — 21 Jan, 2018

Shooting Game 3.0 — 27 Jan, 2018 account Comments

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