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TuxWordSmith - 0.8.0

Multi-Language Word Scrabble ala TuxMathScrabble. Interactive and Screensaver modes, both. Good way to expand vocabulary in featured languages:English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Latin and Swahili. Packages exist for Linux and WindowsXP.

Charles Cosse
Featured Languages:English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Latin and Swahili. Example of use: You select to use the "English-French dictionary"; then, for each English word put-down on the scrabble board, the definition, in French, will be written to the HUD (see screenshot). This makes a nice screensaver, if you don't care for Scrabble. The application uses dictionaries from the xdxf project. Special characters, accents, circumflex, cedilla, etc are all handled by unicode.


======================== TuxWordSmith-0.8.0 ======================== December 6, 2014 1. New theme ala TuxMathScrabble-HTML5 2. Fix wxpython support 2.8 and 3.0 3. Rework wxadmin interface 4. Remove extraneous u-double-dot char from Spanish-English letter distribution 5. Tested on Mac, Gentoo Linux and Ubuntu 14. TuxWordSmith is a sister application to TuxMathScrabble. Historically, TuxMathScrabble (TMS) came first. The xdxf dictionaries made TWS possible, so I did, but it's a very rudimentary implementation. Several of the dictionary resources are small. This could be ported to HTML5 just like the new TMS recently was. TWS is scehduled to become part of the AutoTeach project. Please visit: and For support visit: NOTE: For Ubuntu use gtk2.8 NOTE2: The English-English dictionary is called "Merriam-Webster-Collegiate" (1932)


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TuxWordSmith 0.1 — 28 Nov, 2006

TuxWordSmith 0.4 — 19 May, 2007

TuxWordSmith 0.3 — 5 Dec, 2006

TuxWordSmith 0.3c — 25 Feb, 2007

TuxWordSmith 0.7.7 — 14 Dec, 2009

TuxWordSmith 0.7.11 — 18 Jan, 2010

TuxWordSmith 0.8.0 — 6 Dec, 2014 account Comments