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3d engine - v0.1

This is an attempt of writing a 3d engine. It is not usable yet but looks promising. With a bit of help with the math it would be a great tool for develloping ego-shooter like games.

Peter Nosgoth
This is an attempt to write a 3d engine. It is very early in development and is not yet usable. To test it just start the script. You should be seeing a coordinate system and a spinning house. Use the keys WASD to fly around. The up and down arrow keys get you up and down. Use the mouse like in an ego shooter to look around. Although this looks impressive to me as far as it goes the engine has some problems. Try flying through the house, and the house will reappear in front instead of staying behind you. If you look closely enough you will see that the coordinate axes do not cross in one point as they should. To fix that the function conv_3d_to_2d needs to be improved. I would apreciate some help with the math. Another problem is importing pictures. For that a function is needed that can stretch an image to any dimension. (pygame.transform.scale() cannot do that) If you have any comments, ideas or improvements mail me at "[email protected]". mfg nwp.



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3d engine v0.1 — 9 Jul, 2006 account Comments

  • Tom Boatman 2018-02-01 17:08:29.335045

    I have developed a working 3D graphics engine using turtle and tkinter, unfortunately this means that it does not have a rotation animation. I am new to pygame tho
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