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K2 - 0.2

A small platformer I'm working on, using the Pymunk library.

Hayden Dennison
This is a game about a small ball named Felix, and the sanctity of life. You need the latest version of Pymunk. (6.0.1) Run '' to play yet another test level.


A whole bushel of changes: Got rid of some redundant classes. Added comments to most things. Greatly enhanced the level editor (you'll still have to peek into the code and rename the loaded level to 'test.lvl'). Whole bunch of other stuff I forgot I did. Still to come: ----anti-aliased drawing. level packs created by the level editor. a level select screen. a tutorial. a story. everything that constitutes a game besides an engine. ;) As before, run '' to play the example level. K_UP is now the jump key, because it felt more natural.


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K2 0.6 — 4 May, 2012

K2 0.1 — 4 Mar, 2012

K2 0.4 — 25 Apr, 2012

K2 0.2 — 25 Mar, 2012

K2 0.3 — 8 Apr, 2012 account Comments

  • Jakub PavlĂ­k 2013-01-20 17:02:53

    Doesn't do anything for me. Just loads the screen as on the screenshot, but without the ball or anything - and simply stays so.