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K2 - 0.3

A small platformer I'm working on, using the Pymunk library.

Hayden Dennison
This is a game about a small ball named Felix, and the sanctity of life. You need the latest version of Pymunk. (6.0.1) Run '' to play yet another test level.


A LOT of new stuffs.

1: The player is now a ball.

2: When you finish a level it automatically takes you to the next one.

3: I added circles to the level editor

4: Changed some things around, mostly involving the player's jumps.

5: Now multiple climbers have their own callbacks called when touching ground.

Yet to come:

1: A good user interface

2: Ropes and switches and doors

3: Scrolling and automatic respawning

4: A more powerful level editor that exposes the default parameters passed to each platform and object. This allows for INSANE flexibility, like having objects that register collisions with the goal, get killed, be affected by gravity and such, and change around mass, friction, bounciness, and more. Once I have this system in place the level editor will be much more useful. Run '' to play.

If you want to use the level editor, pass the flag 'leveleditor', (NO - or --) like this: $ python leveleditor

Have fun!


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K2 0.6 — 4 May, 2012

K2 0.1 — 4 Mar, 2012

K2 0.4 — 25 Apr, 2012

K2 0.2 — 25 Mar, 2012

K2 0.3 — 8 Apr, 2012 account Comments

  • Jakub PavlĂ­k 2013-01-20 17:02:53

    Doesn't do anything for me. Just loads the screen as on the screenshot, but without the ball or anything - and simply stays so.