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Kyle's Map Editor - 1.0

A relatively simple map editor! (hopefully someone will find this useful!)

Kyle Marshall

I made this mostly for amusement and learning, but I think I may attempt to make a game to go along with it eventually.

I have designed the editor to store a map as a file with three arrays - one for graphical tiles, one to keep track of where you can and cannot walk, and one for 'objects'.


Arrow Keys - Navigate through map

NumPad Arrows - Expand/Shrink map

Esc - Menu

S/L - Save/Load

'W' - Toggle walk-edit-mode

'G' - Show Grid

To add tiles (or objects), simply add sprites to the gfx folder and name them in the same pattern the others are named. (e.g. If I want to add a tile [as I only have included 10], I would add a file called 'tile11.bmp') It is set to attempt to load 20 tiles and 20 objects initially, but this can easily be modified by changing the initial value of the num_tiles variable.



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Kyle's Map Editor 1.0 — 27 Jan, 2012 account Comments

  • Dawson 2013-04-28 23:22

    link is broken