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Lost the Plot - 0.02

Generates mazes with a 'Depth first search' algorithm. Then solves them using A*.

Sean J McKiernan

An exploration into 'Depth first search' maze creation with recursive backtracking.

Generate a maze of several different sizes and then solve that maze using an A* algorithm.
Be aware that performance is greatly improved by unchecking the 'Animation' box (but its not nearly as amusing.)

(with the cell size set on 1x1 pixel, my computer takes about 10 seconds to generate the complete maze if animation is off)


Mouse: Place start/goal, click buttons


Space: Start
Enter: Reset
+: Increase cell size
-: Decrease cell size
d: Toggle animation on/off
L: Toggle loops on/off
c: Toggle generator color on/off
i: Reset maze to unsolved state
Esc: Quit


  • Generator points now grow in all four directions.
  • Multiple generator points can be placed.
  • 'c' key makes generators each display in a different color.
  • 'i' key resets maze to unsolved state without losing it so that different paths can be tested.
  • User can choose between having loops or creating a 'perfect' maze.
  • The thickness of the walls can now be modified.


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Lost the Plot 0.01 — 7 Dec, 2011

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