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Try to solve randomly generated mazes.

Hello World

A simple top-down maze puzzle game.


A simple overhead adventure shooter in the making.

Theseus V1.0

A maze generation algorithm demonstration.

Arcade Tonk Tanks

Just use the cursor keys and the space bar to shoot the other tanks.


A top down dungeon crawler game with an interesting twist: there are two planes that you can traverse.

Lost the Plot

Generates mazes with a 'Depth first search' algorithm. Then solves them using A*.


just a maze maker/solver
bring the red up to green
press esc to solve

Bipo Maze

Bipo Maze is a simple project for my self, it's a maze generator, you can find the end with A* algorithm. I use Tygame for the Gui (bottons, etc)


Pynesia V0.1


DynaMaze - Tanks in a Dynamic Maze


Ezam! is an anti-maze: rather than navigating between the lines, you must collect all the gems in a level by crossing them.

Fat x Fast

This is a python puzzle / labyrinth game built upon pygame. Game supports local multiplayer for 2 players. Most of the game maps are randomly generated but custom maps can be created with tiled(

Glittering Light

Glittering Light is a casual turn-based maze game. The goal is to get as far as possible, collecting glitter for score along the way, and avoiding the nightmares.


A suite of educational activities for 3 - 10 years old kids build with Python & Pygame.