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pyGOAP - .2

basic implimentation of goap planning.

Leif Theden

goap is: Goal Oriented Action Planning

goap tries to make virtual character come alive through planning. behaviors are programmed, but they don't have to be explicitly linked. action planning is done at run time using the a*star pathfinding algorithm.

A more useful introduction

pyGOAP v.4

The main concept of GOAP is that AI is not a static table or set of states. Rather, GOAP uses a A* like search to find solutions to goals at runtime. This frees the designer of setting up complex behavior trees.

There is a test called It more-or-less test/demos the GOAP library. You should be able to run the pirate demo and watch how he satisfies his goal: getting drunk.

Check out the source comments and also the tutorial.



New version of pyGOAP! Does not require any external libraries other than the ones included with python. Tested and working on python 2.6.6 on os x. New version has support for more type of goals, recursive planning, "best guess" planning, and actions which require more than one time step to process. This is a rewrite of the library. The planner and been greatly simplified, and should be easier to understand.


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pyGOAP .2 — 7 Jun, 2011

pyGOAP .3 — 19 Jan, 2012

pyGOAP .1 — 11 Feb, 2010

pyGOAP .4 — 23 Apr, 2013 account Comments