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This is a graphing program written in pygame and pygtk. It can graph things in Function, Polar, and Parametric.

Slide Rule

A simple slide rule program

The Grapher

Graph your favorite functions in this complete Grapher!

Number Drill

Educational software for practicing math drills.

Hyperbola Bar

If you take a bar and rotate it through an angle at a distance, it passes through a plane in a hyperbola. This perhaps surprising fact is demonstrated here.

Math Picture Render

A python program to render mathematically generated pictures

Field Intersections

Visualizing the intersection of r2 falloff fields (such as gravity and electrostatic fields) can be difficult, especially when the strengths can be of either sign. This project is a simple GPU visualizer of a field. It can simulate a variable number of fields of different strengths at different 2D positions. The combined field strength is represented as 3D height. Prints detailed usage instructions when run.


SineTuner is a puzzle game, inspired by a minigame in the Myst series. Your goal is to make a function (combined of two sine waves) coincide with a computer generated function. You do this by adjusting the sines' frequency, amplitude and phase.

Mental Math Companion

Exercise your mental math skills by practicing for only minutes a day, if you spend enough time with this program you're going to become one heck of a number crunching wizard! >.>

MIDI Mandelbrot

Convert a path through a fractal into music!

Finger Game Oracle

Implements an oracle for a variation on the game "chopsticks".


Small mathematical puzzle.

Henons Attractor

Pygame window that shows a cool green lantern like picture using math. The equation is from "" They call it Henon's Attractor.

Border Pattern

This code generates a border for a standard letter size document. I only coded one pattern. The pattern was obtained from "The Border Workbook." The pattern is coded is the ninja star. The PIL library is imported for this code.


Make your own parabola!


Math trainer

Multiplication Station

Multiplication Station will teach your child to add, subtract and multiply, guaranteed! The No-Frill Drill. Negative numbers and two configurable grid axes. It's all you need. Please visit for more.


A simple "matching" game where you aim to score as high as you can.

Temmie does math

temmie plays math

Tux Math Scrabble

TuxMathScrabble challenges young people to construct compound equations and consider multiple abstract possibilities.


A simple game of mental arithmetic with inspiration from the classic Snake.