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City Tank - .8

Drive a tank around the city and shoot blue drone tanks.

Climb into your tank! The city of bricks has been taken over by an army of blue small, but dangerous, tanks. Save the city before it's too late.

This is my first real attempt at python and pygame. I've had fun making it, hopefully it's fun to play.

Arrow or WASD: move
Mouse 1: fires main turret
Space: fires tank machine gun
M: switches turret tracking modes

Use esc to go back to main screen incase of unexpected death.


Removed the Buggy option at start up.
Added bombers to the mix. There is no way to kill them as of yet, but there will be.
There are 3 levels, more like rooms, to explore. They are a little buggy at this point, for instance when you go into another room you get full health.
Added a new tank cannon explosion effect.

If anyone is willing to make a py2xe for me that would be great.


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City Tank .6 — 25 May, 2009

City Tank .6.2 — 18 Jun, 2009

City Tank .8.3 — 8 Oct, 2009

City Tank .8 — 5 Oct, 2009 account Comments