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fighter framework - 20110901

This is part of a slow moving project, trying to bring 2d fighting games to pygame! Developed slowly...but working...

Leif Theden

There really is no name for this thing. I would have used "pyfighter", but it was already taken. =)

Cool Stuff:

  • Attack Holds
  • Fluid controls with combos
  • Cancels (smooth transition between animations)
  • Sounds ripped from Enter the Dragon (like IK!)

Combos and special moves ==================

  LK, MK, HK, HK  => Roundhouse Kick   (hit the buttons quickly)
            J, K  => Jumping Kick      (hit any kick during the jump)
         Back, J  => Backflip
      Forward, J  => Frontflip

P1 Default keys:
A: Block*
D: P
F: (F)lip. Turn character around.
Up: Jump
Down: Crouch. (try kicking)


Attack Holds
In the original IK, attacks could be "held" on the attack frame. This is also implemented here by holding down that attack button.

Characters can be modified and animations are pretty easy to create. Open the "anim.def" files in the "fighters" folder to check it out.


some significant changes to the engine and some bug fixes.
added some comments in the code, in case you are interested.  i usually
work on this once or twice a month, so i need to keep it documented
for myself!

new stuff:

* state driver is more consistent, so game will not crash after 3 rounds
* hit boxes can be read as overlays on each frame: no hardcoding hitboxes!
* framerate locked at 40fps
* timing is more accurate and consistent
* sounds are more accurate
* moved all the game py files to a library folder
* tweaked ai and split blocking and attacking

unfortunately, a couple bugs were introduced!
a new bug is that some frames on the 2nd player are still red, when
they should be white.  not sure how it got messed up!

projectiles will not be added, that was a joke.


Home Page


fighter framework 20110901 — 1 Sep, 2011

fighter framework 20110328 — 28 Mar, 2011

fighter framework 20101030 — 30 Sep, 2010

fighter framework 20100624 — 25 Jun, 2010 account Comments

  • Daniel Mueller 2011-10-11 17:32

    The scoreboard at the top does not display.

    Leif Theden 2011-11-21 06:52

    it's not coded yet.