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Dig around and collect diamonds.


The evil potentate is ruining everyone's lives! Use the power of dynamite to destroy his strongholds.

1945 Game

I'm building this game using the free artwork from Ari Feldman "SpriteLib", called "1945".


Car fighting game


pyRacerz is a Multiplayer Top View 2D Racing Game...


A 2D arcade style game where you avoid certain falling objects and try to collect others.

Torched Turf

A simple artillery game, where you must adjust the power and angle of your cannons before the timer reaches zero.


Just a simple Pong... It was build during a python / pygame tutorial at the games academy berlin.

Power Defender

Defend the nuclear power plant from enemy troops. And save the country. FPS role playing game

Python Game

Old good Snake Game, but with many AI competitors, special effects, music and rhythm.

The Hairy Chestival Game

A Ludum Dare #7 Entry -- Shave the hairy chest with your lawn mower as fast as you can!!!


A game loosely inspired by the original Spacewar.

Astrocrash (Discontinued)

An arcade classic, a game of asteroids.


It is a simple race game code.


A simple race game code


A Python Chip8 Emulator. Very open source! Fix and add anything you want and email it to me!


Little Asteroids like shooter game. Shall become eventually a python tutorial for kids.

Frinkiac-7 PyBomber

Frinkiac-7 Pybomber is a multi-player network party game. While the game contains nearly every feature from the original version, there are a few extras that you probably haven't seen before.

Republican Invasion!

Blast those pesky republicans!


This is a little 2D arcade game, its ancestor was my most beloved console game, in the early 90's. The game showed extreme puritanity with its look, but same experience on play. For this very reason I'm going to rewrite this gem of arcade games.

Immortal Pongbat

Immortal Pongbat is fast-action, adrenaline-pumping remake of the classic Macintosh game, Mortal Pongbat.


Destroy the asteroids before they destroy Earth.

Triplex Invaders

An Alien Invaders style game with openGL graphics.

Star Pynguin

A fun game based on space invaders.With many more features.


pekuja, philhassey, and treeform got together on irc this evening and cranked out this whacky game about bouncing watermelons on a trampoline in about 4 hours. enjoy!


A game of falling blocks


This is a pacman kinda game in 3D. requires pygame and pyOpenGL.

Trip on the Funny Boat

A side scrolling shooter game starring a steamboat on the sea.

'Eskimo-run' Tutorial Game

A program to introduce people to pygame's basic areas of python/pygame.


A simple 2D arcade game.

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