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Help the cat explore dangerous underground caves and collect cat snacks.

Aaron Maupin
Natto-Cat is a unique Boulderdash style arcade game. You play as RB51, a half robot / half cat agent searching underground caves for cat snacks. Adversaries include walking, exploding custards, force-fed exploding rabbits, and expanding green peas. When enemies explode, they splatter blood (or custard) on surrounding objects, so it is a bit violent. These splatter effects can be turned off by editing a prefs file. There are 25 caves (and 6 intermissions). There are 3 difficulty levels for each cave, the highest of which is extremely challenging. Currently, only a Windows py2exe binary is available.



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Natto-Cat 1.05 — 18 Jun, 2006

Natto-Cat 1.06 — 17 Jul, 2006

Natto-Cat 1.12 — 13 Sep, 2006

Natto-Cat 1.18 — 14 Jan, 2007

Natto-Cat 1.4 — 2 Feb, 2007

Natto-Cat 1.03 — 9 Jun, 2006 account Comments

  • DeathSwagga 2016-01-10 13:24

    This is the best game and I love it!!!! I want more updates, and full HD support (1920x1080p) and full screen during the editor. Natto-Cat is one of my all time favourite games!