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Cosmic Assault

Retro gaming space shooter with different enemy ships and shots, a boss level, and powerups.

Randy Kaelber
Fight a typically doomed but strangely compelling battle against a horde of unreasonable alien enemies. This was my first ever Pygame program that started life as the Space Invadersesque demo program that comes with Pygame. I finally got around to putting the finishing touches on it. It's a fun game guaranteed to exhaust your pancreas of adrenaline, but for the love of God, do not use the underlying code as an example of what to do. :-) Also, the Windows version is thoroughly untested as I only have XP under VMWare. It should work, but I don't know how it will perform for the Windows crowd.



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Cosmic Assault 1.0 — 14 May, 2006

Cosmic Assault 1.1 — 29 May, 2006 account Comments