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A Python Chip8 Emulator. Very open source! Fix and add anything you want and email it to me!

Adam Guilmet
A highly documented (Almost too much!) Chip8 emulator written in Python! Good for learning basic emulators. Due to the simplicity of Python and PyGame (compared to C++ or C), Python is a great way to start writting simple emulators.This project would be a great guide for learning how to make emulators. Of course Python is not as fast as C++, but for such a simple system as Chip8, you'll _have_ slow it down a little! Right now there is not SChip8 support, but its almost no extra work once Chip8 works right. To fully use this program, you have to understand hexadecimal and some binary.



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ChipPy8 0.1 — 28 Jan, 2006 account Comments

  • Tessio F. 2012-10-12 01:43

    The links are broken!