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Little Asteroids like shooter game. Shall become eventually a python tutorial for kids.

Your goal is to waste valuable lifetime (or even paid worktime) while steering and spinning a pinguin-shaped alter ego throug a universe full of nasty enemys. The enemys try to collide into you but YOU CAN FIGHT BACK ! Shoot rockets at your enemys but be careful, you have always just twice the number of rockets as the number of enemys on the screen. So aim careful, because some rockets may bounce back from the edge of the screen. Gain extra points or even applause by killing enemys be a rocket reflecting from walls. Enter the highscore-list and try to improve your shot/miss ratio. Explore the effect of 4 different power-up's.



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TuxFighter 0.34 — 6 Feb, 2006

TuxFighter 0.42 — 14 Feb, 2006

TuxFighter 0.36 — 7 Feb, 2006

TuxFighter 0.43 — 17 Feb, 2006

TuxFighter 0.52 — 4 Jun, 2006

TuxFighter 0.50b — 14 May, 2006

TuxFighter 0.49 — 17 Apr, 2006

TuxFighter 0.54 — 24 Feb, 2008 account Comments