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Galcon - 1.1.1

Galcon is an awesome high paced galactic action-strategy game. You send swarms of ships from planet to planet to take over the galaxy.

Phil Hassey

Galcon was originally created for the April 2006 Ludum Dare competition. It won the contest with first places in four categories and second place in the fifth.

The game was developed over the six months after the LD competition. It now includes 7 different computer opponents, network play, much improved graphics, etc.

Galcon uses pygame, pgu, and pyplus to create some swig extensions for the graphically intense parts of the game.


- Added server topic /topic
- Private messaging with /msg
- Better colorization of user actions
- /perms - list what is denied and if strict mode is on
- Improved /color command - take the color of an /away user!
- /who - list teams, users, their status
- /stop - stop a game and count the score
- /allow $cmd ($user) - more server security options!
- /deny $cmd ($user) - more server security options!
- Added a delay between rounds.
- AFK detection
- Basic strong language filtering. Some of us have tender ears.
- Lots o' bug fixes!
- Bots in game "slider" along with game settings 0-5 bots. zanthor, cuzco, tarbukas, wijafjord and beast! 

- your planets are circled at the beginning of the round
- a "headless" server mode. Now anyone can run a server without having the Galcon screen showing up:
Under linux:
cd galcon
./galcon server -name $name -passwd $passwd [-gtitle $description -gpasswd $game_password] 


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Galcon 1.0.8 — 9 Dec, 2006

Galcon 1.1.1 — 11 Jan, 2007

Galcon 1.1.3 — 2 Feb, 2007

Galcon 1.2.0 — 28 Apr, 2007

Galcon 1.1.4 — 9 Mar, 2007

Galcon 1.3.1 — 7 Jul, 2007

Galcon 1.3.2 — 22 Sep, 2007 account Comments