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Cuzco's Goat Bloat Game

A fun game about chasing goats around a goat pen before they spread a terrible goat bloat disease to each other and explode!

Escape from Anathema Mines

An exciting game where you are a slave escaping from a diamond mine. Includes eight wild levels.

Chain Reaction: Cycle away from the acidic laser!! Part I

My entry to Ludumdare 10, ride a bike past an acidic laser or cause a chain reaction!

Escape From The Tower of DOOM

My entry in ludumdare # 12


Galcon is an awesome high paced galactic action-strategy game. You send swarms of ships from planet to planet to take over the galaxy.

Sheep Wars

A simple 3D action-strategy game where you build cannons and try to break the sheep pen of an opposing farmer.

The Hairy Chestival Game

A Ludum Dare #7 Entry -- Shave the hairy chest with your lawn mower as fast as you can!!!

Infection Wars

Use your infectatron to bring the enemy protoplasmoids over to your side in a side-by-side hotseat action game.


My entry in Ludum Dare #13: Roads.


A topdown shooter. My entry for MiniLD6.


An adventure game made for the Mini LD #7

Juggle Paddle

A simple juggling game/sim/playground/whatever

Anathema RL

A roguelike made in 48h for mini LD #5.


Wikirunner is a two-player game of tag played on Wikipedia pages. Play hotseat against a friend or take on an AI chaser or runner! How long can you run?


EtherGrind is a space shooter I made for LD48. It is hard. This is by design.

Space Dodger

This is the game that I made for the Blind Date Micro-LD challenge on 9/6/09

Node Reviver

Small arcade game where you have to revive all nodes by reactivating their links while escaping drones.

E.S.P. Hadouken

Guide the dot through each level without touching the black areas

Lethal Blow

A simple go-left-and-fight-monsters beat-em-up written for Ludum Dare #26.


Shoot the mutated food with your de-evolution gun.

Pixelman 3

My entry for Ludum Dare 11

Don't Take my Stuff!

A game about a hoarder who needs to clean up his house.

O² Space Salvage

A game about cleaning up space, in Space...