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MoonPy - 0.6.76

An open-source remake of the classic strategy game Moonbase Commander

MoonPy is an open-source remake of the classic strategy game Moonbase Commander. A multiplayer turn-based game. On their turn the player can spend energy points by attacking their opponents and/or adding more buildings to their base. Turns continue until all players either pass or run out of energy. The round then ends, players regain energy, and continue taking turns. All buildings are ground-based and are attached by a tether to the building that created them. All units need to be "launched" similar to many artillery games though in a top-down perspective.


Units cost energy to launch; players gain energy when round ends; voice narration added; power bar moves based on how long fire button is held down; in-game chat; game supports up to 4 players; minor enhancements and bugfixes;


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MoonPy 0.7.53 — 17 Dec, 2009

MoonPy 0.6.00 — 17 Sep, 2009

MoonPy 0.6.32 — 20 Sep, 2009

MoonPy 0.7.50 — 26 Oct, 2009

MoonPy 0.7.61 — 3 Jan, 2010

MoonPy 0.8.00 — 22 Feb, 2010

MoonPy 0.8.01 — 24 Feb, 2010

MoonPy 0.6.76 — 28 Sep, 2009

MoonPy 0.8.05 — 2 Mar, 2010

MoonPy 0.8.21 — 26 Mar, 2010 account Comments

  • Joshua Faylo 2012-08-20 22:40

    Is there a single player version of MoonPy?

    Don Kyhotay 2012-09-06 18:05

    Not yet, technically there is a bot to fight against but it's more of a placeholder and has no concept of strategy.

    Don Kyhotay 2012-09-06 18:09

    Not really, there technically is a bot to fight against however it just fires random shots and is more of a placeholder.