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A turn based war strategy game. You can design your own levels with the map editor.

World of Heroes

WOH is a 2D turn based strategy game, where the player commands an army in the exploration and conquest of unknown realms, gathering resources and fighting enemies.


2d turn based strategy game, where the goal is to eliminate every other player from the board.


Very first graphics test of a simple turn-based strategy game project, Combatzone.


OpenMOO2 is planned to be an open source clone of Microprose game "Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares", one of the best 4X turn-based strategy games set in space

Squish the Bugs

Squish all of the bugs. Couldn't be simpler, right?

Turn Soccer Online

TSO is a turn-based soccer game, inspired in the roleplay. TSO es un juego de turnos de futbol inspirado en El juego esta en fase alpha, pero si queréis echarle un vistazo, encantado. Any feedback is welcome

Glittering Light

Glittering Light is a casual turn-based maze game. The goal is to get as far as possible, collecting glitter for score along the way, and avoiding the nightmares.

Tomb of the Snake

Tomb of the Snake is a coffeebreak roguelike for the Linux console.