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PyXmg is a SMALL online game I made in my free time. It uses XML for maps, and it has music... meh, it's not that great. I'll release the source when it's done.


2d Mmorpg pre-alpha version


1. Single Mode -- Run tetris.exe 2. Online Mode£šOnly support two players£© 2.1 Server run tetris.exe with£º tetris.exe server 2.2 Client run tetris.exe with£º tetris.exe 192.168.XX.XX


An adaptation of "Halebarde et Gonfanon" in pygame. It's a small strategy game that could be a board game. For more details see this link (also translate in french).

Fantasy Adventures

A game for players ranging in age of people (11 - ?) that currently is only in the developing stages a game for low end computers with great potential. This game will be for gnu linux(mainly) and windows only and will olnly be bug tested for ubuntu debian ect and windows but once up and running will be bug tested for other systems. It will be 2d and programmened in Yuo guessed it pygame.


to play you must move the mouse to aim and shoot by left click the button on your mouse

Left 4 Dead

to aim you move the mouse and to shoot you left click and to move around you use W,A,S,D


An open-source remake of the classic strategy game Moonbase Commander

pyMap Explorer

Free online map viewer (OpenStreetMap, CloudMade, CycleMap, ArcGIS...) Currently alpha version, in development




Entris - be quick or be quacked

Entris is a Tetris variant including quacking duck attacks.
Playing online with up to 5 players in one game is possible. The game server is installed at Google App Engine.

gomoku online

five in row: two online players

Pong Dexule Internet Lan Multiplayer

Pong Dexule with multiplayer internet all over the world without any configuration


An ORPG engine based on Mirage Source. It is written in Python, PyGame and Twisted.