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Space Pirates Mission

Space shooter, Python w/Pygame and Blender.

Rock Sweeper

Intercept the incoming rock and win point to proceed to the next stage

Dinos in Space

logic-puzzle game

Asteroids 2

This is my latest version of Asteroids 2. It has improved graphics, gameplay and includes a high score and better organization of source code.

gsdl2_tol (Trolls Outta Luckland redux)

reboot of the space shooter Trolls Outta Luckland as an exercise for gsdl2

Project Interstellar

This is the pre-alpha version of a project of mine. Currently developed in my free time. Helpers are always welcome (and credited)

Time Trek

Take control of the USS Enterprise to find and destroy all the Klingons.


Space shooter in the works utilizing Pyglet and Rabbyt.

Orbit Duel

Orbit Duel (abbreviated in "Orbit 2l" because the number 2 in Italian is pronounced "due"), is a game that simulates the orbitation of two satellites around a planet. The two players can modify trajectories trying to don't fall on the planet surface, or getting lost in space.

Cargo Carrier

While flying your Millennium Falcon (original, right?), collect cargo while out-maneuvering and destroying asteroids.

Asteroids 2 v1.0

You choose one of 5 ships and survive as long as possible

Kony 2012

Avoid red blocks, collect yellow blocks, fast paced space game built to bring pygame community awareness to Kony 2012.

Planet GP

Planet GP

By Tormented Pixels

The objective of the game is to race around each planet course as fast as possible.

Awesome Space Shooter

Turn-based space shooter


wabbel is a simple, colorful, annoying tower defense game.

Void Infinity

A real-time strategy game with online multiplayer.

GalGen Trader 2

A 2d Elite-esque game intended to eventually have easy expansion support, ala Transcendence.

Space Attack

A copy of space invaders.

Space Raiders

A simple Space Invaders-a-like game.

Kaotic Hegemony

Kaotic Hegemony is a 2-dimensional space 1 vs 1 fighting game.

Neon Blaster

Reverse space shooter


A Space Invaders-like clone written using pygame.

Nebula Wars

A 2d scrolling shooter. Beat enemies, travel through the universe, dodge asteroids... welcome to Nebula Wars!


old school space shooter

Space Game (untitled)

Alpha Version


My little game :D


An endless space shooting game with a high score. 

Destroy the blue ships for extra points.

Space Attack

A copy of space invaders. Also my first game made so far.

Space Domination

Space Domination will be a cross-platform top-down scrolling spaceship shooter/adventure game.

Space Fighto!

Two player, 2d vector space fighting game

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