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SineTuner is a puzzle game, inspired by a minigame in the Myst series. Your goal is to make a function (combined of two sine waves) coincide with a computer generated function. You do this by adjusting the sines' frequency, amplitude and phase.

Tactical, turn-based clone of the classic PACMAN game.

a sokoban game
rj dominoes
domino board game
obfuscated samegame
Ninja Beat Jammer
A highly advanced game like a crash between mario and guitar hero. BE SURE TO WATCH THE YOUTUBE TRAILER!

Pyork (pronouned "pie-orc") is, essentially, a text-based adventure game likened to Zork.

Circle Detection
Use the mouse to remove circles from the screen.
Quantum Particle Golf
See weird quantum effects while playing golf at the subatomic scale.
Dodge Satellites
A game about moving the mouse out of the orbital paths of satellites (circles) and scoring points by placing the mouse in the path of rectangles.
Pyll Popper
A Dr. Mario clone written in Python using Pygame
Find the reset square
Click on squares to find the reset square.
Match Color
Basic Color matching game, press spacebar to create the tiles and target tile. The giant box at the bottom center is the tile to match.
Dinos in Space
logic-puzzle game
Active chain puzzle game, using mouse.
Shanghai Mahjong Solitaire
comes with a map editor
Lights Out
Lights Out inspired in TIGER's game.

A challenging physics based puzzle game where you use magnets to maneuver balls through a series of levels.

Robot Glacier Fortress
A retro 2D puzzle-platformer featuring a narwalrus with a grappling hook. Maneuver through and manipulate entire levels as you please.
Birdie Words
An addictive word game - can you beat par?
Vanessa's Mahjong
A Mahjong-esque game written in Python using PyGame.
pygame bubble shooter
you need to blast as many bubbles as possible, but you must not let the bubbles touch the ground.
A simple puzzle game about electricity
Errro 2: Outer Space
A challenging puzzle platformer / sidescroller featuring screen wrapping and world rotation.

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