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Robot Glacier Fortress

A retro 2D puzzle-platformer featuring a narwalrus with a grappling hook. Maneuver through and manipulate entire levels as you please.

The Secret Tower

The Secret Tower is a 2D platform game.


A platformer (engine; some levels have been included) with bitmap collisions.

Wario Land 3

Nintendos Wario Land 3 for the Gameboy Color recreated in pygame

Simple OpenGL Game

A simple game made with OpenGL, Pygame, and PyODE.

Head Soccer Network

A version of the classic head sports soccer that allow players to play in a local or internet network. Uses pygame,box2d *plus* a modified version of podsixnet to handle UDP network. Currently only support friendly matches and 4 different head players

Clone of Tetris

A Tetris clone written in python 2.7 with pygame. Music by eXsolacyst

Ninja Beat Jammer

A highly advanced game like a crash between mario and guitar hero. BE SURE TO WATCH THE YOUTUBE TRAILER!


every one know this game, but this one is a 360° version, in which you can play up to 4 players in local network.

Snot II: The Rubberland [Android]

Android port of my old hardcore puzzle platformer, written in Python/PyGame/PGS4A. Now with 15 levels and a lot of new cool stuff. Really playable. Really hard. Really free.

One Bullet Frog

A little tile based platfrormer shooter


Simple, yet hard to beat platform game.


Rambit is a platform game that won the game creation competition 2ª Batalha de Games (nov/2011) of Universidade Federal de Uberlândia. The competition theme was "save the planet".


A short game about square wanting to discover why his memories are lost.


An old school platformer in the style of VVVVVV made for pyweek 13.

Steamer Duck

Platformer game where you play as a duck.

Dumb Jump

Simple impossible game inspired platformer.


A small platformer I'm working on, using the Pymunk library.

The Great Inkscape

A 2D platformer where you can't see the world around you. Reveal platforms, hazards, and enemies with black ink


A simple platformer with some extra features.

Super Coco

Super Mario inspired biographical game (a new genre?). It starts off as regular Mario and then takes an unexpected turn.

The Adventures of Miniman

A game where you control a "mini" man, and try to get to the green zone without dying.

Space Domination

Space Domination will be a cross-platform top-down scrolling spaceship shooter/adventure game.

Kitty Vacuum Dodge!

You're a cat in a house full of vacuums. You have no idea why there are so many, but you hate them all. Avoid the vacuums!


You're a Ninja in the city. Run!

Slopy Platforming

A scrolling platformer that handles sloped surfaces.  A learning exercise that I will try to build upon to turn into a real game.

Stairway to Earth

Compete with each other as Adam and Eve to collect as many apples as you can.


A Pacman platform game.


2d platformer game about a robot.

Run and jump to collect coins and shoot your way through mobs and blue barrier doors. Avoid getting hit by spikes, lasers, or mobs and find your way to the white exit.


Mutable World Demo for Gummworld2 v0.4.4 and above

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