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How is your brain?
I programme in Python a little version of this flash: You have to memorize many numbers as you can.
Pygame Package Builder
A complete build environment for pygame-based Python projects.
A small 'mesh maker', I guess you could call it. A remake of bobbo's own.
Keep the ball in the air!
A simple overhead adventure shooter in the making.
AirMouse allows you move your computer cursor by moving your flashlight in front of your webcam - almost like a Wii.
AirMouse allows you move your computer cursor by moving your flashlight in front of your webcam - almost like a Wii.
Game of Life (Juego de la Vida)
Game of Life es un simulador de automata celular
A 2D platform game which features planets which will be a bit like SpaceFlight2D.
My first game, first finished game. I'm new to pygame just messing around.
A cross-network or peer to peer online battleship game.
Lines Simulation
A simple line simulation, based on the Mystify screen saver up to windows xp.
The BUTT Project
Doing the Binary UNIX Time Terminal all night long!
Gravity Juggle
Early Alpha version of a game where two spaceships try to hit each other by shooting in a gravityfield around planets and similar stuff...
A binary powers of 2 clock. Simple yet cool.
Simple 2d mesh generator
Soon to be a physics sandbox
Planet Umi
The goal is to grow, develop and direct the evolution of a alien planet full of extraterrestrial beings.
dodge the boxes as long as you can.
KSplasher - a Moodin Splash Screen Editor and Creator
When i first come to the free world, i loved KDE, but, in search for eyecandy, i was looked for a Splash Screen Editor, but 'cause i haven't found it i decide to create my own.
MorBacK A.I.
MorBacK A.I. is a simple tic-tac-toe game.
A (very) long running project to create a unique and detailed game and world (from an isometric view-point).
Baby keyboard masher
Chain Reaction: Cycle away from the acidic laser!! Part I
My entry to Ludumdare 10, ride a bike past an acidic laser or cause a chain reaction!

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