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The BUTT Project

Doing the Binary UNIX Time Terminal all night long!

Chris Uzal

You can blame technomancer for this one. After my pyBCD binary clock project, he wrote "next make one that displays unix time in proper binary :P"

Here it is: The BUTT Project. (Ta-da!)

Now you can display UNIX time in binary with the Binary UNIX Time Terminal. Move your BUTT around the screen as you hopelessly try to come up with ways to interpret the binary sequence.

Seriously, this program is crazy. Easy to write but crazy nonetheless. The only way I know the output is correct is because the code is correct. If you ask me what the clock says... [/me shrugs]

Not sure what more I'll add. I have some ideas for finer color control than I had in the last project I'd also like to dynamically change the font size with the window. That has proven to be much more of a challenge with this project than pyBCD.



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The BUTT Project 0.38 — 2 Jul, 2008 account Comments