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Ezam! is an anti-maze: rather than navigating between the lines, you must collect all the gems in a level by crossing them.

Johnny Pan

Ezam! is a maze, however in this maze you progress by crossing the lines rather than moving between them. The objective is to collect all the gems on the level. It’s based on Anti-maze from an old DOS/Mac game collection called Heaven & Earth. I’ve only made three mazes for this release, but mazes can be created by anyone willing to edit a complicated text file (see the bits.amz and amzreadme.txt files), and at some point in the future I hope to make a proper maze editor so that mazes can be created more easily.

There’s still a lot I want to do with this title, however I have other things to focus on at the moment, and I have no idea when another release will be coming. As such, I’m releasing this code as public domain. You can do with it whatever you please.



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Ezam! 0.0.1 — 18 Apr, 2012 account Comments

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