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Lands of Syrane

A long time ago, in a distant land called Syrane the king and pharao Oromi IX ruled the land well and wisely. One day the kingÂŽs prophet Angcheine made a prophecy about the pharaos near death. So Oromi IX called his people to build him a giant tomb in the desert of Tiagtia, not knowing that the deserts grounds were cursed a long long time agoâ?Š

Lands of Syrane (LoS) is a game project i am currently setting up. I have already made a proof of concept demo for a real-time strategy game (i will post the demo as soon as possible). Currently i have a SVN at google code and a blog. I am about to fill the sites with content and code, so if anyone likes to join feel free to contact me or just drop me a comment in the blog.



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Lands of Syrane 0.1-demo — 26 Oct, 2008 account Comments