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SHIPPU GSS - a time attack shooter

Fallen Spire

An adventure-RPG with graphics rendered using Blender3D


The card game Canasta

Asteroids Infinity

Classic Asteroids with some differences.


A platformer/puzzle game in which the objective in each level is to reach the goal, often rotating gravity in the process.


Educational activities based on multimedia elements (images, sounds, texts)

Arcade Tonk Tanks

Just use the cursor keys and the space bar to shoot the other tanks.


A game in the graphical style of pokemon, but has nothing to do with the Nintendo game. Elements of RPG mixed with real-time button mashing.

Epic Escape Of Cuyo

A simple and adictive survive arcade game. Get your own record and be the very best.

Mystic Mine

Guide your gold car through a mine, switching rails with a single button. You can only go down, but thanks to an optic illusion in the levels, you can always reach every point. Play this game alone or invite some friends and play against each other. The game supports up to 6 people on one keyboard. Everyone can enjoy this family friendly game, regardless of age or experience.

Dodge Cars by Suhas

A pygame where in you have to dodge cars.

GLSL Conway's Game of Life

Summary: Conway's Game of Life implemented in a simple GLSL-powered application. It's very very fast.


A game that simulates a nation going through its life.


A simple and minimalistic version of the classic Minesweeper game with 6 difficulties.

Trivia Game Show

A really fun (no really, it's AWESOME!) trivia game show I made.


Octane is a Python game maker.

Mana Clash

A different kind of Dr. Mario for Pygame.

Space Game (untitled)

Alpha Version

WWII Small Squads Warfare

My first project written used pygame (I was working with visual before)

Georg's Melon Adventure - Part 1

When the melons of the world are stolen, Georg must go on a quest to save the worldâ??s melons supply. Collect watermelons, cantaloupes, and honeydews (and various other items) as you battle your way through maze-like levels, spitting seeds at enemies. This side-scrolling game features all original graphics plus an original soundtrack sure to drive you bonkers.


A silly pacman 'clone'.


Control BIT. Switch between white and black. Each has a different attack. The goal is currently to destroy enemies to raise your score.

Slopy Platforming

A scrolling platformer that handles sloped surfaces.  A learning exercise that I will try to build upon to turn into a real game.

MemeRun by Suhas

Just a PyGame where a troll-faced guy flies over an alien landscape trying to avoid dangerous Zombies.

Crazy Cable Cars

A simple game. Using timing you need to get to the end of the level avoiding the baddies.

Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-Tac-Toe, but with an intense twist! This game packs almost as much strategy as chess, with much more simplicity.


An RPG Game similar to Legend of Zelda done in python and pygame.

Space Raiders

A simple Space Invaders-a-like game.


Make the longest chain in this challenging puzzle game.

Mechanical Failure

Search a dangerous city to try and find the thief who stole your wallet.

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