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Baby Tux

Baby Tux is a 'game' created to amuse small children.


This game was created as a semi-clone of "babysmash" which in turn was a port of "alphababy", a mac program. babysmash was for windows, so I created babytux, which is cross-platform! It was written on an ubuntu box, but, as it is written in python, it can be run on many different operating systems.

Required libraries:

  • python
  • pyglet
  • rabbyt

One of the main features of this game is that it is hard to exit; you must type 'smash' and then press , all consecutively. The purpose of this is to prevent babies from accidentally exiting and destroying your computer.



Home Page


Baby Tux 0.1 — 27 Apr, 2010 account Comments

  • berky 2013-07-26 01:56

    Why does the download link no longer work? I realize there's no development on this project, but I'd at least like to be able to download the most recent release. If anyone has a copy of the tarball, can you please respond? Thanks.

    Jonathan 2015-07-04 07:39

    The project is on github :