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Simple implementation of a Point to Line distance algorithm. The algorithm also calculates the location of the closest point on the line.

Particle Invaders

Particle Effects Demo


A visual demonstration of the steps involved in generating a keystream using Bruce Schneier's Solitaire encryption algorithm.

Bezier Loop

A python demo with connected bezier curves and a supplied background image.

Mango 64 - Experimental

A 3D platformer with only 3 levels.

Lines Simulation

A simple line simulation, based on the Mystify screen saver up to windows xp.

Mario Shell Defense

A Pygame learning experience for me. Simple (very simple) platform game. Mario shoots fireballs at oncoming Koopa shells. Run using

Fugu path finding demo

A demonstration of a simple path finding algorithm.


A star-field demo effect with mouse interaction and motion blur


Python implementation of the boids algorithm.

FPS test

3d First-Person-Shooter test. Three levels. Requires Psyco. Created using pyggel, a 3d game engine.


A 3d software rendering experiment - texture mapped, "lit" polygons, with translation, rotation, and texture scrolling

Pathfinding Experiment

Demo program to test a pathfinding algorithm for a map with hexagonal tiles


Small demo that shows a way to implement some nice light masking.


Rayforge is a simple and fast (for python) raycaster. It will never be as advanced as the Doom engine, but this is just to show how raycasting is done.

Snake Game

This is my first pygame. I made this by watching udemy's pygame video tutorial by Mr. Root.

Font browser

A small browser to show the fonts available in Pygame.

Tic Tac Two

The computer version of the game Tic Tac Toe in a very easy to play format

Roll and Back Again

Solve environmental puzzles with a diverse cast of rollerbots. No blood, no alien abduction, no can-can music.