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Cellular Automata

Basic demo of John Conway's Game of Life

Game of Death

By the power of Poseidon, Behold! Conway's Game of Death!

Conway's Game of Life

My implementation of the mesmerizing Conway's Game of Life.

Cellular Automata

Basic recreation of Conway's Game of Life


A PyGame clone of Conways game of life


A Conway Game of Life implementation that I've tried to turn into a strategy game.

Life as a Bit

A full-featured cellular automata simulator. The focus is on "Conway's Game of Life." With the 'Rule Panel' you can also explore other rule combinations.

make it alive

a simple implementation of the conway game of life

the game starts in a paused state
hold the left mouse button down+space, draw and press "p"

Game of Turmites

Conway's game of Life and Turmites Combined!

quakumei's Game of Biomass

Basically an implementation of Conway's game of life with arbitrary game field size.