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Game of Turmites

Conway's game of Life and Turmites Combined!

Jake Burga
This really isn't a game. It's all very randomly generated, and there is no way for any user input. I'll consider putting some in later. I had been wanting to make the Game of Life for some time as well as make some kind of genetic algorithm based code. So, here is what I came up with. While this may just seem like simplify a graphical display of what boredom looks like... well, it really doesn't go much past that point. If you Don't know what Conway's game of life is: It's the Black (Or white, I may have changed them) cells that follow a simple set of instructions based on the state of its adjacent cells. Turmites are types of little Turing machines, following their own set of instructions. They will always move forward, but depending on the color of cell they are on and their current internal state, they will change directions.



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Game of Turmites 0.0 — 24 Mar, 2013 account Comments

  • Nick Jarvis 2013-03-31 01:14

    This is actually really freaking cool! Only draw back (in my opinion) is the tiles are just a wee bit too small, maybe a bigger window would be nice (kinda hard to see what's going on)