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A remake of the classic paratrooper game

You only get one... match!

Macario is a pyrotechnician who is responsible for fireworks in different locations. He is so hopeless that he keeps losing his matchboxes, but at least he always manages to keep a single match! Help him get his job done while travelling with him around the globe. Light all the fireworks in each level before the match extinguishes. Mind the mobs! If you fall or run too fast, the match will burn out faster.


This is a quick pong clone I wrote in under an hour.


A 1 to 4 players game that I'm working on It contains an AI quite strong for this kind of game A funny detail about this image is that NOBODY WAS PLAYING the AI was controling all ships

Frog Game

Fun survival/rescue game! The baby frogs are lost! Can you rescue them?

Robot Glacier Fortress

A retro 2D puzzle-platformer featuring a narwalrus with a grappling hook. Maneuver through and manipulate entire levels as you please.

Duck Rehunt

Duck Rehunt is an attempt to recreate Duck Hunt with a twist.


Classic arcade action for a new generation, Pythentene is Super-Python-Enhanced Serpentine 2011! Battle for survival across 25 levels like we did in the early 80's. You'll pick up the gameplay quickly -- expect to have a hard time putting it down!

This is a remake of the game Serpentine published on the Apple ][ by Broderbund in 1982.

Realism - GameBoy Screen Simulation

A simple demonstration of how using different blitting flags and pygame's movie sub-module can create an awesome effect!

Duck Hunt Remake

A fan remake of the classic NES game Duck Hunt


A simple easy-on-the-eyes clone of the classic minesweeper game.

Edibles - A Two Player Snake Game

A simple two player snake game with a one player mode. Players must eat as many apples as they can without touching the sides of the game window and without colliding with the opposing snake.

A Lode Runner Story

A remake of the original classic combined with popular RPG elements (such as quests, skills, items) and based heavily on player choice.

S.S. Simple Snake

Extremely simple game to play whenever you are waiting for something or simply bored ( that's why i made it!)


An open-source implementation of the classic pong game in Python 3.5.1, using pygame.


The classic game

Snake 1024

A snake game where you are a blue snake trying to eat all the green apples that just pop into existence and avoid the red bombs (as bombs are red squares).


A python game inspired by Duck Hunt (1984)


The popular arcade game "SNAKE".

Snake / Caterpillar

Snake game finished. It has two skins, snake and caterpillar.


The classic snake game. Use the arrow keys to guide the snake to eat his food. Do not go out of the border or onto yourself.

ArkaPygame: breakout clone

A pseudo clone of breakout or arkaonoid


A 2D Space Shooter Game in Python and Pygame