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Duck Rehunt

Duck Rehunt is an attempt to recreate Duck Hunt with a twist.

Michael Bachmann

Think about it. Everyone has played Duck Hunt unless they've been living under a rock. Those dead ducks have got to be accumulating. The dog is back and, using his terrible terrible powers of resurrection, is reanimating the corpses of dead ducks left in the grass for his own sinister purpose.


This is a work in progress. The scoring is completely broken and the game does not end but the basic mechanics are in place. I plan on cleaning up the code and getting some separate files going in the next week or so.


-This game was created using python 2.6 and pygame 1.9.1 for python 2.6.


Coming Soon:

-Readme with scoring information and other basic tidbits.

-Win Condition

-Boss fight?



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Duck Rehunt 0.5 — 14 May, 2011 account Comments