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Thera is a bullet hell computer game. It depends on both python 2.x and the associated pygame. It is licensed under the simplified bsd license.

Spess shooter

Python bullet hell shooter.

Super Potato Bruh

a Super Meat Boy-like platformer with Bullet Hell elements

Oneiric Battle!

First, thanks for noticing me! "Oneiric Battle!" is a very simple game which only uses the pygame library.

Spellcaster's Forest

fight stuff in a forest with spells

QuickDraw TCG - Ludum Dare 41

Survive various hazards such as meteorites, bullets, spikes, and tumbleweeds in the Bullet Hell-Card Game QuickDraw TCG.

Meteor Rush

A bullet-hell shoot-em-up with boss fights!

Sheep in Bullet Hell

Game for pygamer 2021 on The theme is... Bullet-Hell + Sheep! bonus theme is free roaming!