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PyZX is ZX Spectrum computer emulator, written fully in Python.


Eternal Lands Map Viewer

Rubiks Cube

Program for looking of solutions of the Rubik's Cube


This is a little paint program where I use wxPython for the dialogs.

Flash Cards

A little program for flash card practice.


A music player developed with pygame.

Comic Book Reader

a Comic Book Reader for .cbr and .cbz files


Physical therapy routine generator and reader


This is JoyWM, a GUI written in pygame. JoyWM can be controlled with a joystick (or a keyboard if no joystick is present).

Pygame Networked Table Top

Application for playing tabletop games (cards, simple board games, other tabletop games) over the network. Flexible support of several game modes sitting on top of the core application. More of an exercise in GUI and networking than anything else.

TitanTV Favorites

An application for displaying upcoming favorite TV shows from


A comic book reader


PyInkblot - Creating Rorschach Inkblots using Genetic Algorithms


Simple mame frontend. It's primary target is to use it for mame cabinets.


ShareLAN: create your pictures from your webcamera or own pictures (create japanese purikura, love ad, friendship ad) and share it with the rest of the world in few clicks.

Install Guard

A tool that scans the registry for new and changed values in the startup section.

Slide Rule

A simple slide rule program

KSplasher - a Moodin Splash Screen Editor and Creator

When i first come to the free world, i loved KDE, but, in search for eyecandy, i was looked for a Splash Screen Editor, but 'cause i haven't found it i decide to create my own.


a free image slideshow application


A functions plotter


Tired of media libraries, playlists, and bloated music players? Me, too ...


GeeZip is a simple application to handle archives.

The BUTT Project

Doing the Binary UNIX Time Terminal all night long!


A pygame powered python artwork application which produces images with user defined mathematical functions.


A program to view some information according to a keyword from a url.


A pygame powered python artwork application which produces images with user defined mathematical functions.

Genetic Algorithm Photo Survival

Genetic Algorithm Photo Survival


A binary powers of 2 clock. Simple yet cool.

pygame-blender converter

A script for encorporating Blender created graphics in Pygame applications.

Command Line Navigation (CLN)

A fairly meaningless cli-clone program loading custom functions from a xml-file.