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MicroWar - 2.0rc1

A space shooter in the computer industry

Pierre-Alain Dorange
MicroWar is 'Space Invaders' style arcade game, in the cruel world of micro-compter industry.
You're a Macintosh faced to invading Wintel hordes year after year, kill more PC.
Bonuses let you improve your Mac performances or restore life...


* add German support (thanks to Talamon70) * add partial Spanish and Italian support * adapt some text location and button width for other languages * music on the menus * add a bonus when the player dont miss fire (successive good hits) + bonus when PC was flying * history : macos logo was introduced with system 7.5 : change os-icons according * adding new bonus: Newton (1993) iPod (2001) and iPhone (2007) with new capabilities * separate preference file and hiscore file * update release history with new 'ultimate' iMac (october 2009) * big explosion for saucers and bonus hit * enhance sprite's basic exploding handle (FGame) * store webID for high score submission * shared highscores list can now be browse with the player scores highlighted (with webID) * shared highscores : filter by versions * add new options : 'music volume' and 'maximum frame rate'(display speed limit)


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MicroWar 2.0a5 — 7 Dec, 2008

MicroWar 2.0a6 — 14 Dec, 2008

MicroWar 2.0a8 — 31 Jan, 2009

MicroWar 2.0a7 — 24 Jan, 2009

MicroWar 2.0rc1 — 27 Oct, 2009

MicroWar 2.0rc3 — 3 Nov, 2009

MicroWar 2.0rc2 — 1 Nov, 2009

MicroWar 2.0b2 — 16 Sep, 2009 account Comments