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PyOpenVG - 0.0.3

Python bindings for the OpenVG vector graphics standard (specifically ShivaVG's implementation).

Devan L
PyOpenVG is a set of bindings for the OpenVG ( standard for hardware accelerated vector graphics. AFAIK, there are no actual hardware implementations for desktops, but there are some mobile devices out there that do. However, there are some implementations that use OpenGL which do exist and are compatible with Pygame.


  • Can use either AmanithVG (libAmanithVG) or ShivaVG (libOpenVG)
  • Basic SVG support (no filters, use-tags, animations)
  • Freetype2 bindings for text as a path
  • Support for paths, gradients, images

If you download the installer you'll probably notice that no examples are included, so you might want to check them out at



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PyOpenVG 0.0.3 — 23 Nov, 2008

PyOpenVG 0.0.4 — 7 Aug, 2009 account Comments