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pyBCD - 1.1

A binary powers of 2 clock. Simple yet cool.

Chris Uzal
Why would you want to use a binary clock?

Because if you use Arabic numerals... then the terrorists have already won. :p

Download this binary clock today and support freedom loving peoples everywhere.


The "binary clock" is a great exercise in programming. When you're already familiar with programming theory, you need something slightly bigger than "hello world."

This is my first published python project. You can import this file to use the get_correct_digit function in your own work. I've licensed it as GPL 3 so I look forward to seeing interesting additions to it (if that ever happens.)


Small changes.

Primarily, the links from previous versions are dead.

The one below are living.

Celebrate life.

As usual, you can resize your window, re color your clock red, green or blue (space bar) and choose a 12 or 24 hour format.

You read the clock from left to right as you do with terrorist numerals. Tens place, ones place for the hours. Tens place, ones place for the minutes. For each column, you add up from the bottom. The rows are valued one, two, four and eight.

11:35 PM would have the first two columns lit on the first row only. The third column would have the first and second row lit. The fourth column would have the first and third (one plus four) lit.

This will work on any operating system to the best to my knowledge. Just add python and pygame.


Home Page


pyBCD 0.42 — 30 Jun, 2008

pyBCD 0.2 — 24 Jun, 2008

pyBCD 0.27 — 26 Jun, 2008

pyBCD 1.0 Final — 1 Jul, 2008

pyBCD 1.1 — 26 Apr, 2012 account Comments

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    the link does not work :(