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Assembly Line - 0.8.2

A puzzle/construction/financial game where you design and build factories using automated machinery to manufacture and sell products.

Gregory Ewing
Be a FADE! That's Factory Automation Design Engineer, working for Pixall Manufacturing, makers of the finest pixellated products. We give you a product design from our R&D department. You design and build a factory to make it as efficiently and profitably as possible, using the latest in industrial robotics and other automated machinery. Do it well and we might not fire you!


A considerably expanded version from 0.5, benefiting from many new features added for the Pyggy Awards, plus a few bug fixes since then. Also includes an updated tutorial and an extensive reference manual.


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Assembly Line 0.5 — 7 May, 2008

Assembly Line 0.8.2 — 16 Feb, 2009 account Comments