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pybox2d - 2.0.2b1

2D Physics Library for Python using Box2D

Ken Lauer
Box2D is an open source physics engine written primarily for games. It's a purely 2D engine. Features include (as of 2.0.2) circles, up to 16-sided polygons, thin line segments, controllers (for buoyancy, gravity, etc.), basic breakable bodies, and pickling support. An easily extendable testbed for pygame and pyglet is available on the homepage.

For installing with the automated installer on Windows or OS X, see here.
For information on how to build from the source, see here.

(Screenshot:, bezier edges implemented using thin line segments)


Features a bit more Pythonic interface with lists/tuples usable in place of b2Vec2s, basic setuptools support, several major bug fixes, no more unexplained crashes during callbacks, several new testbed examples, and more.
For the full changelog, including some important code changes, see the development blog.

The testbed examples are no longer included in the installers, so please download them separately on the homepage.
Builds for other versions of Python (win32 2.4-2.6, OS X 2.5-2.6, Linux i686 2.4-2.5) are available on the homepage.


Home Page


pybox2d 2.0.1b3 — 7 May, 2008

pybox2d 2.0.1b2 — 29 Apr, 2008

pybox2d 2.0.1b4 — 1 Jun, 2008

pybox2d 2.0.2b0 — 23 Oct, 2008

pybox2d 2.0.2b1 — 25 Feb, 2009

pybox2d 2.3b0 — 27 Nov, 2013

pybox2d 2.3.2 — 18 Jan, 2017 account Comments

  • Behzadi 2012-07-21 11:43

    i want a version of pubox2d for py3.1.
    there is?

    Benjamin Ward 2013-12-30 11:39

    I wish. I'm thinking of spending some time to port this, since it would be sooooo useful

    c 2014-06-17 20:24

    There is for 3.2