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Hit 'em Blocks Now! - 1.0 -- Finished!

Arcade game where you need to hit the circles and get the highest score.

David Jones
This game was made for pyday #1, you need to hit the circles, and get the higest possible score, there is a colour I didn't tell you about, see if you can guess what it is!
Iignore the certificate.


At the default speed, see if you can beat 14200 score!

Special thanks to

Pymike, for aligning the circles in the grid, thanks!


Final version, and I'm actually quite pleased with this.

So, changes? Read on.


*Highscore implemented, (finally!) *New circle colours (Awesome...) *A few others I can't think of


This is now offically done. No more releases for the foreseable future.


Home Page'em%20Blocks%20Now!.html


Hit 'em Blocks Now! 1.0 -- Finished! — 10 Mar, 2008

Hit 'em Blocks Now! 0.9 — 9 Mar, 2008 account Comments